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Paradise Community Centre is located in Kibera slum - the largest slum in Africa. We give food, clothing, beds and schooling for homeless and orphaned children in the slums. The community cares for 37 vulnerable children.25 children are housed in the Centre, while 12 are in outreach programs due to limited space. The Centre was started in the year 2002 by Ms. Pamela Owino, mother-of-five, to support HIV-affected and orphaned children in the slum. Following the devastating 2007 election violence in Kenya, Kibera slum was one of the hardest hit areas, and many families were tragically affected. This left many people homeless and hundreds of children orphaned and in severe conditions. The centre soon developed into a fully fledged rescue program, housing 150 displaced adults and vulnerable children. In the year 2008 the center reintegrated the children and adults back to their families.

Our objective is to provide basic needs to the children under our care, such as food, shelter, education and medical care. The Centre aims to go beyond the provision of the bare necessities to cultivate an environment that is conducive for the welfare and growth of the children into responsible, productive and law-abiding citizens in future.

Every child deserves a little paradise.

Our Mission

Creating a brighter future for the homeless, orphaned and impoverished children in the slums of Kenya. We provide all-round education and community. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

To provide a strong foundation of loving support for the homeless, orphaned and impoverished young children.

We Need Your Support Today!

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